Here at Maldon Media we take your website very seriously. Periodically we will do checks over your website for breaks in the functionality. There can be many reasons for this sort of thing from coding problems, through to hosting issues. Your website consists of many different components. The core frameworks we use are Microsoft's MVC DotNet Core2 framework for server side code, jQuery for client side web browser run code, and lots of other pieces of software that your site relies upon. These items get updated and although they are tested thoroughly sometimes things break. When they do, if it's a server we have access to, then we will be on it as soon as possible to rectify the problem.


A bug is an unexpected element in code, a scenario that hasn't been foreseen, and often only happens in certain rare circumstances. By their very nature they are from time to time inevitable. When they do arise it's often a simple fix to put them right, and doing so requires us to release fresh code to your website. Fixing most bugs is often fairly quick and can be done in a day or two, sometimes less, especially if it's something significant. Once the fix is written a website update is required. During the actual update there may be a brief interruption to your website, however for most sites, a full update once ready, only takes a few minutes to deploy to the production server, even quicker if it's hosted on one of our own servers.

High Priority Bugs

On the odd occasion something may happen that causes a major outage or functional issue on your website. If this happens, and it is very rare, then we pull out all the stops to get you going again.