The design of your website falls in to two main categories; functionality and the visual interface. Both have equal importance. The Internet is full of websites that look amazing but work poorly, or conversely websites that look terrible but work well. There are of course many that achieve neither.

Here at Maldon Media our websites fill both these main requirements. They are responsive and visually exciting, as well as functionally feature rich with user interfaces that just work. What's more you are involved throughout the whole process so you get a huge say in how your website application looks and feels.

Responsive Design

When a website is said to be responsive it means that it will flow and adjust itself on all sorts of devices. If you consider the screen of an iPhone or Android phone in relation to a tablet, or even laptop or desktop PC, clearly the screen size and orientation varies hugely; making your website fit them all is known as responsive design. As an example, you have almost certainly visited a website on your phone that simply didn't fit on the screen and found the text on the page so small it was impossible to read without excessive zooming in. Well that website certainly wouldn't be classed as responsive.

Not only does having a responsive website look and feel better but Google rewards you with higher rankings in it's search results too. Google have publicly announced that they will actively penalise websites that do not conform to this model. It's a bit of a mine field but with our websites the problem simply doesn't exist.

An example of one of the websites we have created that cleverly adjusts itself to the screen it's being viewed upon.

Visually Exciting

Your website needs to captivate your audience, and one way to do this is through the use of a clever visual design. The key word here is clever. The visual appearance of your website needs to match the expectations of your users. Cramming in loads of colour and funky graphics may sometimes look good, but realistically often only serves to confuse and irritate your returning visitors. What's more a page full of photos and video will take considerably longer to load, which may be enough to send your visitors elsewhere. That said every website is unique and where complex graphics and video are needed they will be integrated seamlessly.

Feature Rich

The features your website offers it's visitors are crucial, and getting the balance right takes skill and a great deal of understanding of your users. The number of clicks a visitor needs to make to achieve a particular task is very precise. If you are dealing with the general public then this has to be kept to an absolute minimum. If your needs are for a business application used by your own staff then you can afford for this process to be a little longer. That said time is money so the longer anything takes the more expensive it is.

High Performance

You can have the best website in the world in terms of how it looks and the features it has but if it's too slow then it's unusable. If your visitors are the general public and your pages don't load within two or three seconds they will most likely go elsewhere. If it's a business application being used by your staff, then you're opening yourself up to a world of grumbling and complaints. Here are Maldon Media we totally understand this. As such all our websites are designed with performance in mind.