The consultation process kicks off with understanding what your requirements are, what features are important and what features are more nice to have. Items that are important usually become part of the initial design. Items that are more nice to have are often actioned in a second round of development.

Face to Face

We live in a digital world, but where at all possible as a part of the initial design process we like to meet our clients face to face, and get a clear understanding of exactly what it is they require. This requirements gathering process sets out the initial scope of the website we will create for you. It allows us to get a full knowledge of the driving forces behind wanting a quality designer web application.

All new websites start with a brain storming session about what's required.'


Occasionally a face to face visit isn't possible. This could be for any number of reasons, from simple geography, through to meeting time constraints. In these circumstances we make good use of technologies such as Skype. Being able to not only talk and see each other, but also to share visibility of our design screens is invaluable. Why spend ages trying to describe something when a simple demonstration answers the question in seconds!

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Our website definitely do NOT have the one size fits all approach. Even though some may share equivalent features such as the ability to log in and perform admin tasks, they are all unique in their design. The reason we do this is simple; even though some features look similar the reason behind wanting them is often different.