Once we have helped you work out what it is you want from your website we will start to build it. There are several components to create such as the pages that are seen by your customers, the code that sits behind the web pages that makes it actually work and do the things you've asked for, and the database that stores all your important website information and data. Your website will most likely consist of several thousand files including web pages, images and code files. Each one is professionally created to ensure the quality of your website.

Microsoft's Visual Studio is used to create our stunning bespoke websites
All our websites are written by us using top industry standard tools such as Microsoft's Visual Studio.

Two Way Process

The build process can take some time but as it progresses you will be kept informed. As each stage is completed the changes are uploaded to our test server which you will be given access to. This is a really important part of the process which you will be very much involved with. Having the you as the client access the test area allows us to work closely with you and ensures that the design meets your expectations throughout. That way differences between expectations and reality are quickly picked up and changes can be made before the process goes too far that it becomes very difficult to change.

User Acceptance Testing

As the build of your designer web application proceeds you will be able to invite a few selected users to test your new website and make sure it does what is expected. This is also an opportunity to make a few selected changes to the design if it's felt that the original design needs improvement. Although this sounds serious it's more often than not a case of a layout change. Simply moving some text or images around a page, or maybe laying out a user form a bit differently.

Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interface is a technical name for the screen that you see and use. In the original design and build stages ideas of what these screens should look like are often discussed. We may even create mock up versions, called wire frames, to allow you to visualise what we are suggesting. However until you get to use your website the exact layout is often hard to finalise. So the whole process is very much a circle of consultancy, design, and build.


Not every aspect of your designer web application is a visual one. Frequently an action by a visitor causes some sort of process to be initiated. This could be the start of an order process, or the updating of a record system used by your on the road sales team. So in addition to the graphical bits and pieces you will also get to thoroughly test the entire website from end to end.