Web Design

Successful website design often follows a tried and tested Consultation - Design - Build process.

When you ask us to create your website for you we will go out of our way to create a solution that meets your needs. Even if we have done something similar previously we won't assume what we've already done will suit you. Here at Maldon Media the whole experience is created specifically for you from the ground up and without a template in sight.

No Templates

We are really proud that we don't use templates. For some individuals or even certain companies they are okay but by their very nature they are hardly the bespoke website you are looking for. You do get certain features out of the box but these are limited and difficult, if not impossible, to customise to any great extent. For us your website is unique and for a successful design and build we firmly keep that in mind.


The consultation phase is crucial to understanding exactly what you want out of your website. It's during this phase that you let us know what's important to you and how you want things to develop.


Once we've agreed on what you want from your website we will go about designing it. From the customer perspective this will often include the way the way site looks and feels, as well as the processes to follow whilst using it.


Once we've ironed out what it is you want from the website and how it's going to work we go about building it. Part of this build phase is user acceptance testing. You will be given access to our test server where you can "test drive" your website, before ultimately passing it and it being released to your live environment.