Still Photography

Still photography is a definite art that requires skill and experience. Maldon Media specialise in two main areas of still photography:

  • Product photography.
  • People and portraiture.

Product Photography

A typical product lighting setup.

Product photography is an art form all by itself. It requires a deep knowledge of working in the studio, flash lighting, and small objects. Having that perfectly lit stage for your quality products is essential for success. Maldon Media are experts in this field and will give your product catalogue that professional edge you need for success.

Taking advantage of our very own custom built studio we are able to give each and every project our undivided attention to detail.

People and Portraits

Model Charlotte Brown (16).
Having quality portrait shots for your website or other needs is a must. Creating an image that not only looks good but tells the right story takes experience and Maldon Media have that by the bucket load. With a background in portrait and modelling photography spanning over ten years we are ideally placed for all your people photography needs.