Our Servers

Hosting your website is something that many people don't realise is necessary when they first embark on a website project, but the simple fact is, every website needs a host. Without it your customers or staff simply won't be able to view your site. Now servers come in many shapes and sizes with price tags to match, but here at Maldon Media we realise that a website is very much something that grows over time, both in terms of size, and visitors.

Perfect for new websites

When your website first starts out there is a good chance it won't have a huge number of visitors from day one. The numbers visiting your site will steadily grow and after several months, or even a year or two will eventually reach the numbers you are aiming for. In fact some websites may have many visitors but on a minute by minute basis that number can be quite low. Take our own website for example, the one you're on right now. We have several hundred visitors a day, all visiting for their own specific reasons, but rarely are there many more than a handful on our website at the same time. So if that's the case, do you really need an all singing all dancing super hot hosting service?

The Ideal Solution for the Small Website

Well that's where we come in. While your site is just starting out, or if you're not planning for hundreds of concurrent users, we have the solution for you. We have our own bank of Dell T30 servers that are waiting to host your website at a very reasonable rate. These compact Dell servers have all the power a small or fledgling website will need to run with amazing cost effective performance.

Larger Websites

There are of course some solutions we create that do need something more powerful. For example if your website includes a large amount of graphics, or streamed video. If you've got this sort of multimedia content then you will need to look at a more robust hosting solution, most likely hosted by a third party company. But don't despair, if you want us to we will sort that out for you as well. Take a look at our Third Party Hosting page.