Hosting Overview

What is a Server?

Having a website built is only part of the story. The next step is getting it hosted. A website needs a computer to run on and these computers are referred to as servers because they serve the requests from your clients and customers. A server by it's very nature is permanently switch on. They are made from more robust components than normal computers although they are very similar in design. As with your PC they come with different capabilities in respect to processor power, memory and hard disk space. The connection to the Internet makes a difference too. If your site has a lot of images or even video then it's going to need a fast internet connection to server your clients in a timely fashion. Similarly if you expect a great number of users then you will need this extra bandwidth. However if you don't have loads of graphics and aren't expecting hundreds of users per hour then your requirements can be significantly less. The good thing is you can start small and then move up to more powerful servers if you need to.