If you use a computer then sooner or later you will run in to some sort of problem, it's pretty much inevitable. Quite often you can fix some of these problems yourself. Failing that a quick Google search can often come up with the solution, but sometimes this doesn't work, sometimes you need help, and that's where we can come in.

With well over twenty years IT experience Maldon Media can sort most common computer problems, workstation or server based. With many Microsoft certifications our team can get you going again as soon as possible, taking the worry off your mind, allowing you to concentrate on things you want to think about.

Maintenance Strategy

Of course the best thing to do with computer is be prepared. If you're setting up a small business network then our advice is talk to us first. After consulting with us you will have a much better understanding of what you need to do to safeguard against IT system failures. Quite often a business doesn't realise how reliant they are on their IT systems until they have to do without them for a length of time. That moment when you can't receive any emails, or you can't access that website in time to complete that order of a lifetime is not the right time to have to think about IT failures. Our advice is get in before bad things happen, that way when they do, and they will, you will be totally prepared for them.