Maldon Media

Web design
Website Design

Having a presence on the Internet has never been more important, and having one that works for you is crucial. We can design a bespoke website that is built around the way your business works.

Small business networks
Small Business Networks

Computers are fantastic machines, but they are even more awesome when they get to talk to each other. Many small businesses don't have the resource or understanding to fully capitalise on what's available. Maldon Media can help you set up your server and workstation network, making IT work for you.

PC repairs and maintenance
PC Maintenance

PC workstations and servers don't always work perfectly, and knowing you have someone you can call when things go wrong is a God send to any small business. Maldon Media offer a maintenance and repair service for virtually all your computer needs. SO if your PC is running slow, or you can't connect to the Internet, we can help you.

Website hosting
Website Hosting

For your website to be seen by the world it needs to be hosted on a server. Maldon Media have a range of web hosting platforms available for your business to use, from our own local Dell server farm, to full blown enterprise level data centre systems. Whatever your hosting needs are we can help you sort them out.

Bespoke Video production
Small Video Production

Having high quality video content for your website is extremely valuable and we can help you producing it. We have our own small video studio equip and capable of creating some truly amazing video productions for your website. So regardless whether it's a simple explainer video, a message from the CEO, or something more complex we can help you get the job done.

Still photography
Still Photography

Whether it's people or products, we can also shoot your still image requirements for you. We have an up to date state of the art photography studio to capture all the still images you require. From product catalogue items, through to key staff head shots, we have it covered.

IP based telephone systems
IP Based Telephone Systems

Effective telephone systems for small businesses are often expensive, but did you know with an IP based telephone system you can have many of the features of an enterprise style system, but for a potentially much lower price?

Remote working
Remote Working

Being able to work efficiently from places other than your actual office is really helpful to any business. Allowing your staff to work from home securely and safely could really benefit your business. We can help configure your network to allow this while keeping your computer network safe from unwanted visitors.

IT consultation service
IT Consultation Service

Sometimes you simply don't know what it is you want, you just know you have a requirement that needs solving. It's at moment like this where our IT Consultation Service comes in. A conversation with us can turn a requirement into what is often a very simple solution.